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F2V Maroc, Passion council
IGlobal trade, new technologies, centralized decision-making, excess production capacity, are behind the scenes increasing burdens on organizations. A daily problem for management teams is searching for value creation, optimization of the organization, mobilization of employees and gains in productivity.
The mission of F2V Maroc is focused on the requirements and expectations of our clients: : measuring and assessing your performance with your strategic management team, strengthen your operational skills and develop your potential.
Since the beginning of this millennium, Mohamed BENNOUNA, founder of the firm has chosen to position F2V Maroc partners in ensuring a value-added advice and put forward a global offer. Passion council Is there, it defines the assertiveness of the 15 assistants and consultants from leading companies, with very high qualities and sensitivities. Just like you, we have our style, our personality, our values and success of our collaboration of tomorrow requires that we share on the essentials. Lets meet and exchange knowledge.

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